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Nichelle Rae is Fantasy's Newest Author. Introducing, Only a Glow, book one of the White Warrior Series

Only a Glow, Book 1 of the White Warrior Series

What if the world was ending? What if only you had the power to save it? And what if your power wasn’t in your control? Welcome to Azrel’s dilemma.

Only A Glow is the first book in an epic new fantasy series, The White Warrior. Join Azrel, her brother Rabryn, and her best friend Ortheldo as they journey across their land to try to save the world from another age of the Shadow Gods rule. Along the way they try to find out what’s wrong with Azrel’s magic, because her magic is the only power that will cause the Shadow Gods to stumble and fail.

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  • Fantasy's Newest Author, Nichelle Rae

    Introducing, Only a Glow, book one of the White Warrior Series by Nichelle Rae
  • Twitter: nichelle_writes

  • Nichelle Rae was born and raised in Massachusetts. Her love for writing began when she was 14 years old and she wrote short stories about meeting her favorite music group Hanson. She received so much praise and complements on her writing ability that it quickly became a passion of hers. Read more...

    "None of us are artists because we choose to be. There are things we feel that refuse to hide in the quiet corners of the heart." -Stew Irel

    What People Are Saying About "Only a Glow"

    I read Only a Glow until my eyes start crossing, or the text starts blurring, and then I have to stop…Azrel is awesome and a character with soul.
    -Shirley McCoy (Merrillville, Indiana)

    I’m reading the 3rd chapter now because I’m not a quick English reader, but I LOVE Azrel since chapter one and love the way you write! -Sandra Alincastro (Salta, Argentina)